Monday, August 17, 2015

San Diego SEO Company Tell-All on the Importance of Social Media

You've probably heard it said that roughly 75% of all online traffic is through social media. You can also be sure that Google is paying attention to the posts that are shared and re-shared, the tweets that are tweeted then re-tweeted and the videos that are watched, shared, embedded etc... and the list goes on. The long misunderstood question around all of this activity is "how does it affect you SEO?" As a San Diego SEO company, Local Fame Media is dedicated to staying on top of our industry by employing highly effective individuals to study Google algorithms and patent updates, and you benefit from that knowledge first hand.
The right SEO Strategy produces massive success

I intend to address this concern as many of my clients ask for social media help, but not before being convinced that it is not a frivolous exercise. Most businesses have a few social media platforms built out with some branded photos and perhaps a little corporate jargon surrounding their identities. This is usually the case for local businesses as well as national brands. But what makes the winners and losers different in the overall game of their search presence?

Social Media and Website Activity in San Diego

Keeping up with all the new platforms is nearly impossible, and is not the intent of this article. But keeping your own website up to date as well as pushing the notifications out through an RSS feed or something similar is of high importance. You've probably Googled something to find an up to date answer. You'll often notice that those results have a thread with a recent update or comment. That is by no accident.

More and more, websites that have a strong social media presence are gaining search engine real estate by not only showing up organically for their keywords, but often their social media platforms are now showing up alongside the search results. This could mean 20% to 100% of all search results for a particular product or service pointing to one company. Does your competition use this tactic? Are they bumping you off the first page in a Google search? Then it's time to take action. Sign up for the required social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, San Diego SEO Expert on Yelp (if applicable), Pinterest, Facebook and update your blog / website regularly. This tells Google that you're alive and active and a real business deserving the attention of their customers - those who perform search.

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